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Roof Certifications

 If you are purchasing a new home, selling a property, or simply interested in learning the condition of your residential or commercial property roof, Volterra Roofing can help. We are licensed and insured providers of roof certifications in Castle Rock, Douglas County, Colorado Springs and El Paso County.   

What is a Roof Certification?

 A roof certification is a unique and detailed process that examines the complete roof for integrity, condition, and expected longevity. Our locally owned roofing company works with real estate professionals, commercial building owners, and homeowners throughout the Douglas and El Paso Counties to complete roof certifications that are detail oriented, robust, and accurate.  

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Difference Between Roof Certification and Home Inspection


 A roof certification is much different than a home inspection. While the roof is examined during a home inspection, they are not as robust or detail oriented. Roof certifications are a paid service completed by professional roofing experts and designed to provide property owners or real estate professionals with the multiple roofing-related conditions including:

  • Overall condition of the roof.
  • Condition/integrity of the shingle, tile or foam and the current life remaining of the roof material.
  • Any possible broke, missing, or loose or missing roofing materials.
  • The condition of drip edges, caps, and ridges.
  • The integrity of downspouts and drains.
  • The location and condition of flashing that surrounds or encapsulates HVAC systems, pipes, vents, chimneys, and other roof-based systems. 

Once the inspection has been completed, our roofing certification professional will inform the client of the condition, whether roof repairs or replacement is in order, or the estimated lifespan of the existing roof. This report is certified for a pre-determined length of time – ranging from two to five years. If repairs are needed, our roofing certification professional will discuss cost estimates to fix any identified repairs. Our team of roofing  

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