Siding Replacement and Repair

The Leader in Siding Replacement and Repair in Castle Rock

  Volterra specializes in affordable, whole-house siding replacement. We can typically remove your old siding and replace it with new siding in a matter of days. When we’re done with your  siding replacement project , not only will your home look amazing, it will be more comfortable and energy-efficient as well! 

What You Need, When You Need It

 At Volterra Construction Group, we know that sometimes budgets don’t allow for replacing siding on an entire house. And that’s okay. We can consult with you on how to work inside your budget and correct the most problematic areas of your home 

 When considering what walls to replace, keep in mind what portions are providing your home the least amount of protection from the elements, rodents and would-be nesters. We’ve done plenty of jobs where only one or two walls were replaced, and the rest of the existing siding was painted the same color – giving the home a more seamless look from the street.

If you think your house is in need of a siding repair or partial siding replacement, we’d love to hear from you.

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Warning Signs of Damaged Siding


We’ve been installing siding on homes for nearly 3 decades, so we know just what to look for when it comes to faulty siding. But with a few tips, homeowners can recognize the signs of damage too. Call us today if you see the following red flags:


  • Warped, cracked or missing siding panels
  • Dry rot or mold
  • Storm damage or dents from other debris
  • Faded or unsightly panels
  • Increased energy usage & costs

The Benefits of Timely Repair or Replacement

  Of course, preventative maintenance can save you money in the long run, preventing the problems that are bound to happen when your siding isn’t protecting your house anymore. But you can also expect these benefits:

  • Increased & improved insulation
  • Improved curb appeal
  • Addressed structural issues hiding beneath your old siding
  • Greater energy efficiency
  • Enhanced weather protection
  • Lower energy bills
  • A more comfortable interior
  • Less outside noise

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